Sensational cuisines


Blessed with a heart-stealing view overlooking the poolside, “Tusks” is an amazing restaurant to indulge in astute gourmet. The restaurant offers Sri Lankan Cuisine, serving up a new take on our own traditional favorites, featuring delicate dishes. It also serves an array of mouthwatering cuisines perfectly-prepared to every taste, ranging from mouth-tantalizing seafood to tropical salads.

Indulge yourself with lavish servings of wholesome delicacies whilst you enjoy the tranquil ambience of dining on the outdoor terrace overlooking the pool. Good food, exceptional service and an enchanting ambience entwines together to make every meal at the Tusks simply memorable.

Mahouts Lounge and Bar

Located above the Tusks with a precious view over the poolside, here’s your cozy corner to relax and let an amazing day fade in to a good night. Indulge in the soothing ambience that escorts your mood to sip a cocktail at ease and unwind whilst savoring nature. Relax and wind down as you and your loved one enjoy the best of custom-ordered cocktails or your favorite wine under the star-draped skies of the Pool Bar.

Breaking the monotony of conventional dining, you can also enjoy a peaceful gourmet meal in the privacy of your room. We also organize special BBQ nights by the pool on prior requests to make your stay at Elephant Reach more memorable.